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Full Version: SafiCloud - A file sharing platform & a Blog Built on CI
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Hey Everyone,

Thought We'd share our project here, it is a simple File Sharing Platform, SafiCloud built in CodeIgniter, 
It started as a hobby project for a university project ,so we could use it to learn CodeIgniter but over the past couple years it has grown into what it is now.
Your feedback is much appreciated [Image: smile.gif]

That's neat. What advantage does it have over the other file sharing platforms? Out of curiosity, how does one monitize such a thing or is it at your expense? I read the privacy policy and it sounds like you simply have analytics.

What is the storage mechanism? I assume their is an expiration date for the uploads?
Very nice. Great form validation too.

I really wish you good luck with this - lovely job, so user friendly.

Best wishes,

How long are files kept for?
Nice work. I would be interested to have an insight into your integration with your storage media.