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Full Version: Controller for header,footer and sidebar
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How to create separate controllers for header,footer and sidebar so i can perform operations on it?
Please, read the CI documentation about controllers, views and models. In that order.
Please use the tutorial and recreate the demo app.
Its a great start and explains all the steps you need to know. It took me only 30min and after that everything was nice and easy

why dont u use the header footer on views? so u can call it the view, it doesn't need to make a new controller.
You can manage header, footer, sidebar by method calling.

class Blogs extends CI_Controller {

function __construct() {

public function index() 
$output['main_page'] = array();
$this->load->view('front/includes/header', $output); //Load header
$this->load->view('front/blogs/index'); //Load middle content of page
$this->load->view('front/includes/footer'); // Load footer