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Full Version: NULL as string in WAMP vs LAMP/MAMP
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Something tells me this hasn't anything to do with CI, but I'm hoping one of you smart folks could help.

I've got a CI app with a search function that returns records from a MySQL database.
In my view, I loop through the rows and output conditionally like this:
if ($myfield) echo $myfield
works fine on my dev machine (MAMP/OS X) and my shared hosting server (LAMP).

However, I've ported over to a WAMP stack (actually server2go), and now my view is showing NULL everywhere when a field is empty. null values have become strings of "NULL".

I can painfully work around it by rewriting the view to test for "NULL", but does anyone have an idea why it's happening or if there is a config somewhere to control this?


El Forum

silly me, it was an oddity with a GUI MySQL client's csv export...