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Full Version: Bootstrap Form Builder Library
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I've just created a basic form builder library for Codeigniter 3. It generates bootstrap 4 html from a php array.

You can generate an entire form with open/close and submit tags or individual fields.

As I said - it's very basic but am planning to expand on the git repo if it's something people would like.

Any plans to consider it for CI4?
(05-15-2019, 10:34 AM)php_rocs Wrote: [ -> ]@logicdesign,

Any plans to consider it for CI4?

It should work in CI4 (I think). The way the library is loaded will need to change but I believe the CI methods being called all exist in V4. - Not that I've tested it on the new version!

When CI4's suitable for production I'll take another look.

CI4 is on the verge of release. I would focus on that because that is where most of the focus will shift to (at least by the end of this year).