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Full Version: Was working, not working anymore
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Ok, we have mySQL v5 and PHP 5 on the server and CI v1.6.1

No system level files (any of the above) changed in the past week (or prior to that, just sayin)

Today the server shows blank page when hit (as in, nothing happens, no default page, nothing) - if I hit a folder we have in the htaccess of not going through the index.php page, it shows the generic 404 error from apache (not the 404 error page in CI)

Any folders that CI would normally show something shows a blank page without any content.

I can hit the server, I can hit the database, I can ftp, etc - I can't get CI to load and the log file contains nothing (in fact, it appears the site died yesterday after I left from work)

NOTE: our IT guy found this:

which resolved the issue at hand, the site now loads - but we have no logs (which we need to figure out the errors), our config option was set to 1 (just the errors).

Can anyone explain this (I've got the thunder of executives fast approaching looking for blood, as it was *my* recommendation to go with CI as a platform...) - or better yet, explain how we can stop this from happening in the future and have error reporting?

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1. Don't change stuff on a production server without testing first Smile
2. File a bug report:


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1. We didn't (nothing changed, the test server, identical files, worked fine)
2. Ok.

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things I would try if I was in your situation:

>Change the log_threshold to 4.. maybe you are actually not getting any errors and thats why it is not logging, changing it to 4 should log something, my application does not log errors as its working fine.
>Check you changed the directory permissions in the log folder to allow write access
>Check the log_path and log_threashold are correct in the config file
>Check there is enough disk space to write logs
>Backup logs and then check it works with a blank log directory
>Try writing a text file manually to the log directory
>Put your index.php file "error_reporting(E_ALL);" to display any php errors in the browser to help you debug
>Try a fresh install of CI and copy your project across from a repository version that was last know to work
>Try kicking the server - this usually works on a hardware issue but you never know.