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Full Version: image path in view
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i'm new to php and also CI, i'm creating a view using html and css and use images, all images are located in a folder named Images side of my view page,
and in css

        background-image: url("images/top.jpg");
        height: 42px;
        background-repeat: repeat-x;
        width: 950px;
        background-image: url("images/nbanner.gif");
        height: 100px;
        background-repeat: repeat-x;
        width: 948px;
        border-bottom: 1px solid #255699;
        border-right: 1px solid #255699;
        border-left: 1px solid #255699;

but does not work!!! it want to load images from a folder in root but i want to load it from path of my view file, how i can do this?

and very very sorry for my bad english Wink

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put your images directory into the same directory like the index.php and it will work. (maybe...)
we donĀ“t put images-css-javascript inside the system or application directory!!!