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Full Version: Redirect after 3 seconds
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Hi there,

I'm newbie in CI. I have a dumb question.

Can I redirect page after 3 seconds with using redirect function in CI.


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The redirect should be launched from the client side I think.

You should do something like this in javascript (in the head section) :

function redirect(page) {



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you could always use the usleep php command to pause the script for 3 seconds... not the most elegant solution but w/e...

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[eluser]Michael Wales[/eluser]
Don't ignore the most simple solutions.

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[quote author="Michael Wales" date="1213043381"]Don't ignore the most simple solutions.[/quote]

Yeah but I think he was wanting to use CI's redirect function. I'm having the same issue. redirect() should have a parameter for seconds if you're using the refresh method.

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that's right, redirect function should have a paramenter redirect(4) direct in 4 sec. hope someone develop