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Full Version: URL structure - Suggestion needed!
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Hi to all,

Since i like being as elaborate as possible in my posting (to avoid ambiguity of any kind), here's a detailed description of my doubt.

My site (one i'm rebuilding with CI) is actually a business directory. I'm not sure whether certain things regarding URLs are possible to achieve.

So far, i have this: (or - homepage, of course - here all of the companies from database are being listed

Since i want my URLs to be as much as possible user and SE friendly upon rebuild, i don't want to switch to query strings in order to extend my URLs in this manner: - this is an example URL from which there would be retrieved only banks. i realize that Banks should be a function within bizdirectory controller, but it's not very convenient to have a function for each category in the database, is it?

I suppose there's a workaround using mod_rewrite, but if there's a different solution, i'd like to try it, since i didn't success in installing Helicon ISAPI for my IIS on Vista (i have the option of working directly on hosting server via FTP which does support url_rewrite but saving is slow, etc.)

There are also many other things i want to ask you, but i think it's better to make one step at a time.

Thanks in advance for your suggestions!

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[eluser]Randy Casburn[/eluser]
Routing was designed for you my friend.. check it out.

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[quote author="Randy Casburn" date="1215581536"]Routing was designed for you my friend.. check it out.[/quote]

well, thanks for the reply
will check it out!