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  Right justify numeric fields in table display
Posted by: El Forum - 08-08-2007, 11:20 AM - Forum: Archived Development & Programming - Replies (4)

Hi Group,

I'm using the HTML table helper to create a table from a databaswe result. I can't figure out how to make the numeric columns right justified. Is there anyway to do this using the table template? or have i got to add each cell individually and specify an id or class attribute for each cell?


  Scaffolding URL issues
Posted by: El Forum - 08-08-2007, 11:17 AM - Forum: Archived General Discussion - Replies (3)

Hi there,

I am brand new to Code Igniter and firstly let me please just say that I really like the way everything is laid out . . . it all appears very easy to use.

I do however have one quick problem . . . I am following the video tutorial to create a web blog and I have got as far as viewing the scaffolding page



Now I am presented with the option to create a new record or view records, however instead of being taken to the view page that displays the form . . . the url is simple appended to read as follows:


I have taken a look at the scaffolding class and believe that it has something to do with the anchor function and the base-uri . . . but I am struggling.

I would really appreciate it if someone could shed some light on this.



  Digg/Vote UP/Down Issue
Posted by: El Forum - 08-08-2007, 11:00 AM - Forum: Archived General Discussion - Replies (6)

Hello I'm building a quote system where the users of the site can post quotes to and they can vote/digg them up and down, everything so far is going great but I have one slight problem and I don't understand which way to go with it. Here is the current code I have.

This is where I need the new code, this is the part I don't get how to do.

$order_id = '';

Here is the full code and the way it works is /quotes/$id/up or down
function up()
        $order_id = '0';
        $id = $this->uri->segment(2);
        $this->db->where('id', $id);
        $this->db->set('order_id', $order_id);
        $this->db->update('quotes', $_POST);
    function down()
        $order_id = '0';
        $id = $this->uri->segment(2);
        $this->db->where('id', $id);
        $this->db->set('order_id', $order_id);
        $this->db->update('quotes', $_POST);

I tested it above but entering a number in the $order_id and it does in fact update it to that number, so everything else is working fine, its just writing it to actually work.

I hope someone understands this. Thanks for the help!

  Session question?
Posted by: El Forum - 08-08-2007, 10:42 AM - Forum: Archived Development & Programming - Replies (6)

Hey guys! I know this may sound quite basic but I was wondering how can one use session variables to pass data from one page to another.

Like lets say I had multiple forms, the user would fill out data for page 1. Then he would jump to page 2 but still have the data store in a cookie from page 1, and so on and so forth. Until he reaches the final page where all of his data is summarized for him. And he sends it out as an email.

Are there any examples of that type of usage? I mean are there best practices with regards to how to use Code Igniter for such a task?

  "No input file specified." error
Posted by: El Forum - 08-08-2007, 10:06 AM - Forum: Archived General Discussion - Replies (8)

I had been running CodeIgniter at my local server without any problems.
But after uploading the website to my hosting account, the system started to give the following error:

"No input file specified."

The homepage opens without any problems, but accessing the other controllers and functions gives the above mentioned error. What can be the problem?


  Planning / design document?
Posted by: El Forum - 08-08-2007, 09:46 AM - Forum: Archived General Discussion - Replies (7)

I'm trying to take a fairly complex, enterprise PHP application and rearchitect it to use a development framework. So far, Code Igniter seems to provide the best balance of structure and flexibility, especially important for our group considering that most of our application's data is stored as XML and drawn from a web service (not just pulled from a database as many PHP frameworks assume/require).

I'd like to give my project a fighting chance, so I'm curious if anyone out there can suggest methodologies for planning a Code Igniter-enabled application; I guess it's mostly how to map out necessary models, views, and controllers, but maybe also how to identify the kinds of libraries to integrate, etc. If someone can post a successful design document, or point to any existing examples online, that would be ideal.

  Get current page so I can set the style to "active" in menu?
Posted by: El Forum - 08-08-2007, 09:14 AM - Forum: Archived Development & Programming - Replies (4)

I just can't find how to do this simple thing best: I am including a view called menu.php in my default view. Here I build the navigation according to your rights. This all works great, except how do I set the current page's class to something else? There is nothing in the URL helper to return the current page, and searching the forums didn't bring up anything, so I'm at a loss.

  Print_r (get_defined_vars()) gives a HUGE list... isn't that a problem?
Posted by: El Forum - 08-08-2007, 08:50 AM - Forum: Archived Development & Programming - No Replies

While debugging I used print_r(get_defined_vars()); to see if I had all my variables in order. Unfortunately this produced a HUGE list, even triggering a "PHP Fatal error: Allowed memory size" on the first try.

Why is this so huge? Isn't this bad for performance? (EditSmile Or is it because it says *RECURSION*?

I have a clean install of CodeIgniter running, with only FreakAuth and some very basic "hello world"-ing from myself.

  Default URL behaviour
Posted by: El Forum - 08-08-2007, 07:34 AM - Forum: Archived General Discussion - Replies (5)

I read from the documentation that the default behaviour for URL is something like:

However this doesn't work instead I have to use this:

Anyone know what could be the reason for this?

  Problem with database connection - Cannot make MySQL server connection.
Posted by: El Forum - 08-08-2007, 06:38 AM - Forum: Archived Development & Programming - Replies (17)

Hi all.

I have been developing an app into a localhost server (xampp lite version, for more details) and everything was fine, but once i decided to move into a subfolder of a OVH hosting i started having problems with the database connetion.

My default_controller (login) can connect to the mySQL and querys go well, but the problem start when this controller redirects to the next page, at this point all the controllers cannot connect to the mysql database, and if they try to do that the next error appears:

Cannot make MySQL server connection.

I'm a noob with Codeignitor, so plz be patient with me. If u need more information plz ask.

PS: Sorry for my english. Smile

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