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Laravel 4 to CI

Hi, please bare with me, I am "just" the project manager, not the developer... Wink

I have a CI app (still on 2.2, but I consider to update to 3 soon). Another app I am interested in using was developed in Laravel 4 and ir woule be nice to add that apps functionality into my CI app.

Assuming that a lot will still depend on the code details, which you don't know, still, can anyone give me some (over)view what I would get myself into when I have my developers (who did not work with Laravel yet) and ask them to take that Laravel 4 app and include it into CI, like:

- would be a complete recode, using the existing Laravel app as a sort of mature "implementation guideline"?
- any tools/procedures which allows to use the existing Laravel code as input, and then

M' just doing my home work before getting my developers excited - or worried...  Wink

Thanks for a few lines of help !

If your devs have no experience with Laravel, you want to allow them to review the Laravel app, and also browse the Laravel documentation. Based on their experience with PHP in general, the porting of the app to CI may actually be fairly easy. I've had similar jobs where I was paid for 20 hours just for review, so maybe you should make such an offer to your devs.

If you're the project manager and you have to ask us that, then you either:

- Have some programming background, but are not qualified to make this decision.
- Have no programming background and therefore are not qualified to make this decision.

In both cases, leaving the decision (and possibly research on the topic of course) to your developers is what you should do.

I know you won't like what I'm saying, but don't take it as something personal and know that I'm saying it because I've been burned by such decisions in the past. If you don't know how to solve a technical problem on your own, then you simply cannot be expected to tell people how to do it - that just doesn't work.
It doesn't matter that you have the "manager" title, that doesn't mean you have to make all the decisions. Your developers are the ones directly involved with solving technical problems and therefore, given no previous experience by both parties, they are more likely to come up with a better answer.

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