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CodeIgniter 4 Proposed Roadmap

(12-02-2015, 12:29 AM)sv3tli0 Wrote: Your solution is not good for final solution as sometime there are update inside the app folder (usually configs or even the main index.php) and you have to be sure each time when you do composer update that your configs are up to date too..
Another point is that this is manual solution which is not I am talking about..

My idea is to have the combination of app + framework easy for install, upgrades, support and everything else.
For that I believe that the framework and the app must be separated as they are 2 completely different things.

Sorry, I don't understand your solution well.

> The update script which I mention is more as advisor which will check if sys and app versions are synced and if not it will notify about that + what has to be updated in the app (following the changelog).

I understood the script just notifies files to be updated in the app.
But it seems it updates automatically files in the app.

If your solution updates everything with just `composer update`, it must be better.
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kilishan, Hello! You have write documentation Codeigniter 4? Or documentation will be later, by the time the new version of the framework? By the time the framework I want to write an article about the new features of the framework and the comparison with the previous version. By the time the Codeigniter 4 I want to write an article about its new features and make a comparison with the previous version Codeigniter on one of the largest IT sites .. Even one article about 4 Codeigniter I wrote, I think to write another.

Its too early for any docs..
I think that any docs / articles can be written at least after the Alpha is out and perhaps even when the Beta is ready..

Before the Beta nothing is final and nothing can't be announced.. (and even at the beta some elements can be changed/improved, but there should be no major things)
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I like the way it is so long as it does not get like laravel
There's only one rule - please don't tell anyone to go and read the manual.  Sometimes the manual just SUCKS!

I hope that the 1st alpha version which should be the working new core of the framework, will be out until the end of the year.
I think that many people are ready to contribute to the project and with that to test it, but its not going to be possible until that 1st build is made.
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This is awesome!

Namespaces and PHP7 i cant wait for release Smile

I've been flirting with CodeIgniter and Laravel for ages... I really like the way CodeIgniter is so simple but what makes me insane is the fact that modules can't talk to each other... I understand that we can use HMVC but shouldn't it be part of the core? I mean is someone doing real world applications with modules that work independently rather then working together?

After some study I managed to used wiredesignz HMVC and turn Ion Auth into a module but the speed of doing this and my will to use CI would greatly improved if this was core and therefore well supported and documented.

Is there a good reason not to use HMVC? Maybe I am not seeing something in the right way.

In pratical terms I want to use a PHP framework but I am afraid that people use it more to be hipster then to be productive.

At the end of the day I am forced to use WordPress, prestashop (which uses HMVC by the way and it has a really nice concept regarding modules) or just to use a couple of routers and loggin system to get a specific job done quickly without trying to understand what I can and can't do with a framework.

If a PHP framework focuses on productivity it will be a success and one day there would be a "WordPress" on top of CI that everyone will use Big Grin

But then again maybe I am just thinking too much commercially and about productivity and frameworks are supposed to just stay like this to try now and then but never to use it in a real project.

(08-05-2015, 10:43 PM)kilishan Wrote:
(08-05-2015, 09:50 PM)skunkbad Wrote: Seems good. Who will be the main contributors?

Right now it looks like Narf and I will be the primary developers on it, though I believe Ben Edmunds and James Parry might be able to help out a bit as their time allows.

You have done a greate job for developers, God bless you all contributors!!! hopefully CodeIgniter will keep simple, fast and flexible !! LONG LIVE TO CI CONTRIBUTORS!!! without people like you we are on our own dirty way of coding..
God Bless CI Contributors Smile

can't wait for CI4!
a revolution for CI, i think.
I think this is a good idea to have an ORM in CI4 like eloquent in laravel.

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