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Worth Using Ci for this?

I want to make a blog/article website with one or two products available to buy online in time. I'm finding wordpress loads times very slow so was considering doing away with it and making a custom site. I haven't got loads of css/html/php experience but am happy to learn. Am I best off sticking to a cms system like WordPress or Drupal or learning some more coding and using Ci?


It depends how you are doing e-commerce functionality.

If you want to build all that into the site yourself, you do have to consider baskets and integrating with payment provider and so forth, and while not trying to put you off, it does take a bit doing.

However if all e-commerce is handled by 3rd party site, then CodeIgniter will be easy to pick up and depending on your experience, it won't have any problems outperforming WP.

I think you will need to google some project to help you
I found this https://github.com/kirilkirkov/Shopping-...odeIgniter
take a look and let us know if you need further assistance

There are lot of misunderstandings about what a framework and what a CMS can do. Lot of fans that use CMS they are saying that “We can do everything with a CMS” and the fans of the frameworks are “No we can do everything with a framework” and so on… As a fan of frameworks of course I will have the same opinion but actually this is not true! The truth is that as we use the same base (PHP,RoR,python,. NET… e.t.c.), we all can do everything. Even the myth that CMS doesn’t use a good structure isn’t truth. For example Drupal 8 is based on Symfony framework, a very good object oriented web application framework.

@mfairbairn23 It depends how you are doing e-commerce functionality.
Depends on what you understand under “functionality”. If you mean “what tools should the e-commerce platform contain” - it is, as a matter of first importance, the capacity acknowledge various types of payments, compose and work with the stock, and monitor your orders and sales.

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