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CI should start certification program like Zend

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There are massive codeigniter community and developer world wide. It will be better if CI authority start any "certified developer" like program. It will add a new dimension to CI community. Thanks
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CI is so easy to use that such a certification would be essentially worthless.

Certification is a scam. Paper means nothing. What you can really do is what matter the most !
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Absolutely agree with includebeer. The market tells how good you are.

If you use CI you are good because you had done the right decision ;o)


(03-13-2015, 07:18 PM)includebeer Wrote: Certification is a scam. Paper means nothing. What you can really do is what matter the most !

I agree. The vast majority of potential employers will not. The paper will validate to them that you can really do what you claim you can really do. So, however mistaken employers are about how much that paper really means, the fact that they assign value to it means it has value.

Certificate are waste of money.
Smart employers will look at your previously developed websites using CodeIgniter.
Smart Coders will focus on preparednesss...
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ha ha -- this is funny this thread came up
because i randomly saw a notice on twitter a few days ago offering codeigniter "certification".

<sarcasm> hurry and you can save $99! </sarcasm>

posted on twitter by: https://twitter.com/peterjames19603
hey he's codeigniter certified - its says so right in his twitter profile!

so many developers are certified
-- lets take this to next level and be bona fide developers.


Nice catched.
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Suggesting, we should do a course in https://www.edx.org/

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