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Strange value in session cookie - El Forum - 07-17-2008

I am doing something like this in my controller:
function set_family()
The $family_id is then a number 1 or 2 in my session.
After this, in my view, wen I click on link, I am doing this action:
function upload()
        $family_id = $this->session->userdata('person_family_id');
But, in function upload(), value of $family_id is not a number, but string 'js'.
Between set_family_action and upload action I dont modify anything in session data. So why I dont have number 1 or 2, but instead of this, string 'js'?
I have to add, that first, in other controller, I initialize the value of family_id in session. Could it be, that when the value in cookie is set in one controller, it cant be set to other value in other controller? I think, that when I initialize session in first controller, i can't modify values of cookie in other controller. Am I correct?