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domxml issue - El Forum - 07-18-2008

domdocument::domdocument() expects at least 1 parameter, 0

guys i am getting this error, on my script, when i went for php info.
I found domxml enabled, could not get any more help!
Please thanx in advance!

I have PHP Version 5.2.6. XAMPP latest.
What should i do?

domxml issue - El Forum - 07-20-2008

Which method are you using?

DOMDocument->createAttribute() - Create new attribute
DOMDocument->createAttributeNS() - Create new attribute node with an associated namespace
DOMDocument->createCDATASection() - Create new cdata node
DOMDocument->createComment() - Create new comment node
DOMDocument->createDocumentFragment() - Create new document fragment
DOMDocument->createElement() - Create new element node
DOMDocument->createElementNS() - Create new element node with an associated namespace
DOMDocument->createEntityReference() - Create new entity reference node
DOMDocument->createProcessingInstruction() - Creates new PI node
DOMDocument->createTextNode() - Create new text node
DOMDocument->getElementById() - Searches for an element with a certain id
DOMDocument->getElementsByTagName() - Searches for all elements with given tag name
DOMDocument->getElementsByTagNameNS() - Searches for all elements with given tag name in specified namespace
DOMDocument->importNode() - Import node into current document
DOMDocument->load() - Load XML from a file
DOMDocument->loadHTML() - Load HTML from a string
DOMDocument->loadHTMLFile() - Load HTML from a file
DOMDocument->loadXML() - Load XML from a string
DOMDocument->normalizeDocument() - Normalizes the document
DOMDocument->relaxNGValidate() - Performs relaxNG validation on the document
DOMDocument->relaxNGValidateSource() - Performs relaxNG validation on the document
DOMDocument->registerNodeClass() - Register extended class used to create base node type (not DOM standard)
DOMDocument->save() - Dumps the internal XML tree back into a file
DOMDocument->saveHTML() - Dumps the internal document into a string using HTML formatting
DOMDocument->saveHTMLFile() - Dumps the internal document back into a file using HTML formatting
DOMDocument->saveXML() - Dumps the internal XML tree back into a string
DOMDocument->schemaValidate() - Validates a document based on a schema
DOMDocument->schemaValidateSource() - Validates a document based on a schema
DOMDocument->validate() - Validates the document based on its DTD
DOMDocument->xinclude() - Substitutes XIncludes in a DOMDocument Object