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Organizing the Application Controllers - El Forum - 07-21-2008

[quote author="Randy Casburn" date="1216668967"]if you want to propose a change. CODE THE CHANGE, make the proposal with a fully coded solution and let the commuinity vet the code. The discussion has degraded because we're all nerds that want to evaulate the basis of your idea based on the code.[/quote]

True enough.

However, being new to the CI system I wanted to gather wisdom and ideas about this subject from those who have used this system more than I. I don't know what the best system order is - and I probably never will. My code is more of pseudo-code (that just happens to work). But I see this is an issue with people around here - so I thought I would talk about it with you guys before I dive into something that is wrong.

However, if this discussion is offensive to people then I will be happy to stop. wiredesignz showed me HMVC so I am happy. Smile