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Auth and ACL check before I'm off - El Forum - 07-21-2008

I need a simple ACL/Auth system and rather than port my almost finished 50k version - I want to just borrow one of the ones the fine people here have made. I need:

* Registration
* Login and Logout
* Forgotten Password
* Captcha
* User groups
* Ban System

I looked at Sentry but it doesn't have groups.

Then I looked at
FreakAuth but it is over 500K! Is it really worth all that for what it offers?

Finally, I downloaded Redux Auth and am pleased to see something in the 25K range. (but I need to find a good session class).

So did I miss any? Anyone here use these? I just want to know if anyone has any catch-22's or advice that would save me some time down the road.