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Tweaking Scoffolding - El Forum - 07-28-2008

Is there a good way to tweak the scaffolding? I'd like to build on top of the forms there for the purpose of some backend management.

I haven't seen much in the forums on this topic.


Tweaking Scoffolding - El Forum - 07-28-2008

[eluser]Alexander Obenauer[/eluser]
THis feature is really only meant for development. Are you looking for a CRUD?

Tweaking Scoffolding - El Forum - 07-29-2008

Well I was only looking for a low level admin of the tables. I was hoping to make it respond to "lookup" tables that cross refernce keyed data, but that might now be possible.

I've usually built my CRUD by creating a model. Is there a simpler way?