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Help with Application Architecture - El Forum - 08-12-2008

I have to build an admin panel for a small cluster of websites. Basically the structure of the sites is like this:

Landing Page

For a more detailed view see the attached jpg.

Each of the child sites share the same layout but are autonomous and live within the same domain ie

The way I was planning on implementing this design was by using code extinguisher to build the admin panels and then having a generic front controller template to generate the non admin side of the app.

Which would mean the file structure would be something like this:


As you can see this is a pretty messy application structure. This problem isn't a new one but seeing as I'm am new to this type of programming I'd appreciate some feedback on how some of you might go about building such an app.

Help with Application Architecture - El Forum - 08-22-2008


No one has any views on this?

Help with Application Architecture - El Forum - 08-23-2008

I think the way to go should be to just make the domain name be the key here. That will make you able to use one application, and just change the view file, so you gonna keep one controller dynamic and easy to maintain.

Someone else have another idea?

good luck.