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help with sql query - El Forum - 08-19-2008

hi guys i have 2 tables ,country table and city table
I'm looking for an sql query that will genarate an out put like this

london birmingham manchester
newyork alabama

basicaly country and the city below it . any help much apriciated

help with sql query - El Forum - 08-19-2008

Lets consider UK country id is 1.
$CountryId=1;  //Change as needed
SELECT Cnt.country_name, City.city_name
FROM country Cnt join (city as City)
ON (Cnt.country_id=City.country_id)
WHERE Cnt.country_id=$CountryId

help with sql query - El Forum - 08-20-2008

Expanding on the above, what you need is a multi dimensional array:

The easiest way to do this is to generate a $objCountry=db->query() of the countries you want and then loop through each country record and build an array/object by running the query above setting $CountryId to the value in the $objCountry->row()

you want to build an array/object that looks like this:

$citylist = array(array(ID=>1,Code=>'UK',cities=>array('Birmingham','Bristol','Cardiff'...))

you can then pass $citylist through your $data to your view
($data['citylist'] = $citylist

where you can then run for each loops on the nested data and format it however you want.

Best of luck