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Xampp and CI Newbie - El Forum - 08-21-2008

Wonder if someone can advise. I've successfully setup Xampp on my localhost and use it to develop websites. I haven't done much php coding and am learning. I would like to take advantage of CI on my localhost but am confused where to install and configure CI. My Xampp setup is standard Windows and I use Virtualhosts quite a lot on the Apache server.

Do I install CI in the htdocs folder? This doesn't seem right to me as it opens up the framework to the public if I publish it to a live server. My instinct is to put it in the root of xampp but then my server can't see the files? Confusion.....

Sorry if this is basics but I'm only learning how to deal with servers/etc.

Xampp and CI Newbie - El Forum - 08-21-2008

[eluser]Milos Dakic[/eluser]
Hi Maellenkleth, welcome to the forum.

You can place CI in your htdocs folder (or whatever your root folder is called). The framework will not be seen by others as it will be hidden since the only thing that will be outputted is your website not the actual framework. Also have a read of which will help you further.

Hope all goes well for you.

Xampp and CI Newbie - El Forum - 08-21-2008

Thanks Milos,
will give it a go. Is it right then that I can set up a virtual host with this kind of syntax:

<VirtualHost localhost:80>
ServerName codelighter
DocumentRoot "c:/xampp/htdocs/CodeIgniter_1.6.3"

I tried this quickly and the server started by prompting me to input my user/pass combo for the Xampp control panel. When I inputted them it loaded the Xampp control screen at localhost

Xampp and CI Newbie - El Forum - 08-21-2008

[eluser]Milos Dakic[/eluser]
You can remove the files and folders from CodeIgniter_1.6.3 folder to make your life easier. Then you would just access it going to localhost directly.

Hope that helps.

Xampp and CI Newbie - El Forum - 08-21-2008

[eluser]Phil Sturgeon[/eluser]
As has been discussed here lots, if you are worried about CI and your source code being in the web root of your server, you can put it outside then ammend the path in the index.php file.

Put the index.php file in the root, then change the system root to the new location.