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if (!$logged_in) { $this->load->view('login'); } - El Forum - 10-02-2008

Hi everyone,

basically the title explains what it is I'm trying to do....but here's the extra info:

I've extended Controller with the following:

class Public_Controller extends Controller {
    public $header_js = array();
    public $header_css = array();
    public $data = array();
      function __construct() {
        $this->header_css[] = array('href' => '/media.css', 'media' => 'all', 'compress' => true);
        if ($this->load_main_content())
            if ($this->user_lib->getUserId() > 0)

    private function display_top_nav()
    private function display_top_menu()
    private function display_homepage()
        if ($this->user_lib->getUserId() == 0)
            $this->header_css[] = array('href' => '/login.css', 'media' => 'all', 'compress' => true);
// I want to exit at this point

Basically, if someone isn't logged in, I want to display the view 'home' and stop everything there. I've also extended Output with MY_Output that deals with page headers and 'skins'. My site uses 'skins', which are basic templates. Here's one for example:


<!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Strict//EN" "">
&lt;title&gt;&lt;page_title />&lt;/title&gt;

&lt;header_css /&gt;



<div id="container">
<output />


&lt;header_js /&gt;


So, MY_Output deals with:
<page_title /> - set in each Controller with $this->page_title
&lt;header_css /&gt; - set in each Controller with $this->header_css[] (an array of CSS includes)
<output /> - The standard output
&lt;header_js /&gt; - set in each Controller with $this->header_js[] (an array of JS includes)

How can I get CI to load the home view and then stop processing - i.e. just output the view with the relevant headers from MY_Output? If I try $this->output->get_output(), it just returns the standard output (what would replace <output /> in my skin).

Does that make any sense? Wink