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Subfolders, htaccess [newbie] - El Forum - 10-19-2008


I've just started to use CI, and right away i have a problem.

Following the guide, i've split my files to different folders. I can't make them work tho!

I've created a simply test file just so you see what i have so far..

Location: controllers/testme/testme.php
class Testme extends Controller

    function __construct()

    public function index()
        echo 'index of test';
    public function test()
                echo 'test function';

Calling it:
domain.tld/testme/test <-- 404 error
domain.tld/testme/index <-- 404 error
domain.tld/testme <-- shows default page/class

Default class contains only index() function which is set as default controller in routes.php. Default controller is not in its own subfolder but in main controllers folder.

What am i missing here?

Subfolders, htaccess [newbie] - El Forum - 10-19-2008

My bad.. I just realized that i was missing something in the URL, the folder itself..

Works now..