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FusionCharts with CI - El Forum - 11-04-2008

Has anyone integrated Fusion Charts ( with CI before? I found something that looks like a tutorial on it but I think it's in Any help would be GREATLY appreciated!

Maybe a better question would be is there any standard outline I could follow when trying to incorporate another class into my CI app?

FusionCharts with CI - El Forum - 11-04-2008

Never mind. I got it. For anyone who wants to use it, all you have to do is go into "FusionCharts.php" which is the include file and make it a class. Find all the references to functions inside the file and make it the function of an object i.e. "$this->function()"; Then throw it in your libs folders and load it! I'm going to include this cool a** package with the next version of GandyXT.

FusionCharts with CI - El Forum - 11-14-2008

[eluser]Amjith or Cool Coder[/eluser]
Please check this link dude

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