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New Excitement! - MatthewSchenker - 02-26-2015


Back 2 years ago, I was a big fan of CodeIgniter. But then, like many people, I was concerned about the viability of CI and begin to wander. I built applications with CakePHP, Yii, and Laravel. But none of those ever seemed as intuitive as CodeIgniter. Yii was the closest, and it is a good framework with a very friendly community (although quite different than CI). Laravel has always felt bloated and slow to me.

Well, I'm extremely happy to see a re-birth for this framework! It's very exciting to know that there is a fresh, energetic new owner, and I sense an energy in this forum that was missing for the past couple of years over at Ellis Labs. I feel confident again using this framework.

It's also great to see some people posting new tutorials and blog posts about CodeIgniter.

Looking forward to building again with CI!


RE: New Excitement! - james - 02-26-2015

I had tested different frameworks, but CodeIgniter is Unique, Performatic and Simple!

CodeIgniter is Great!

I love it!