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SAML federations management tool (Jagger) - janul - 02-27-2015

Jagger is very specific project which allows to to manage federation(s) based on SAML protocol.
It's written on top CI 2.1 then 3.0 however is not using all great features  from CI yet.
For DB I use Doctrine plus Gearman for heavy tasks and as replacement for cron.
Few NRENs use this tool in lab or production.
It's still under heavy development (new features, cleaning code, follow best practices....)
If you's like to know more about the project just shout.

Thanks CI developers  for great work you have done.

All the best,

RE: SAML federations management tool (Jagger) - mwhitney - 03-06-2015

Since this is one of those things that pops up more and more around here, I don't have a great deal of detailed knowledge on how it works, so forgive me if this is a stupid question... Does this work with InCommon's implementation of Shibboleth? ( )

RE: SAML federations management tool (Jagger) - janul - 03-06-2015

Yes this exactly the same idea. Off course Incommon may have some specific workflow based on their policy to join Federation.
So yes Jagger is used to publish metadata (SAML) which is consumed by IdentityProviders and ServiceProviders plus some more features like multifdederation + circle of trust and allows to pubish not only Federation metadata but individual one containing only trsuted entities so you don't to have touch you provider(shibboleth) configuration. yes, it's quite confusing. jagger also allow to publish AttributeReleasePolicy which can be consumed by Shibboleth IDP - it's much easie to manage policy on UI than edit local shibboleth XML file (sometimes 1000 lines).... I could also be deployed in university/company to simplify SingleSingOn based on SAML...
If you woul like to know more there is mailing list you can join and ask.
The only problem is lack of developers who could help me to improve the quality of code