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CI as Framework inside another one - El Forum - 11-20-2008

[eluser]Frank Berger[/eluser]
Hi Folks,

i am interested if anyone attempted to use CI inside another CMS/Framework. For me are Typo3 and Sefrengo of interest, but any other success-story would be interesting.

What i am looking for, for example with Typo3, is if it is feasible to use CI for extensions and modules. CI has some advantages, especially when it comes to form-handling and such, where Typo3 lacks. My guess is that CI wouldn't be used as primary tool for handling the urls, but rather being wrapped into the setup (both typo3 and sefrengo are pretty open and 'basic' when it comes to modules/plugins)

If there are no success-stories or good approaches, is the community interested if somebody (me?) would develop a wrapper for said cms systems?


CI as Framework inside another one - El Forum - 11-20-2008

i have used codeigniter with joomla 1.0.* branch, the approach i used was a component development which included codeigniter front controller. there weren't any issues, the only thing was as it was legacy app, i used old-fashioned urls so i needed to enable query string to get things work.

CI as Framework inside another one - El Forum - 07-29-2011

[eluser]gowrav vishwakarma[/eluser]
Now Develop for Joomla in CodeIgniter, xCIDeveloper 0.6 released. installs in Joomla 1.5, 1.6 and 1.7 in same way and components developed in xCI works same in any of joomla version.