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Forum Search Not Working - El Forum - 11-22-2008


I really like the CodeIgniter community and these forums, but there is one big problem I have been experiencing ever since I joined...

There is something wrong with the search on these forums. 90% of the time when I try search for something I get sent to the advanced search page, and if I try to search for it from there, I get sent straight back to the same page.
I thought maybe this had to do with my searching for a term which returned no results, but I searched for the same term twice in a row (the term I used was "forum"). The first time the relevant results were listed (luckily this was 10% of the time when it works), but the second time I got the same problem described above.
This happens both in Firefox and Internet Explorer.

Please can you let me know what the cause of this is, as I understand that it is proper etiquette to search through forums (for an answer) before asking a question.

Thanks Smile