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Getting the paths correct - El Forum - 11-27-2008

Newbie question. I have my main directory, and the system directory beneath that. I'm able to find my images using the html helper and img() instead of <img>. Nothing else seemed to work.

The problems I'm still having are:

1. Cannot find the css file. I have it in the root (same place where the images folder is), but it's not found. I don't think a leading slash will help, because the base is actually two subdirectories in from the domain name (

2. What do I do about referring to images, etc. in javascript in my view? Use the img() calls there too?

3. How about the urls for background images in the css file?

Getting the paths correct - El Forum - 11-28-2008

I'm probably wrong, (so I shouldn't really guess) but it might be something to do with index.php being inserted into your path. What do you see in the source of the resultant page?

Getting the paths correct - El Forum - 11-28-2008

Rewritten urls tend to confuse browsers. A url like tricks the browser into thinking it is in directory foo/bar/. This means you cannot use relative urls as you would on a static site.

I always use absolute paths:
&lt;link rel='stylesheet' type='text/css' media='all' href='&lt;?php echo $this-&gt;config-base_url; ?&gt;style.css' />

Alternatively, you can set a base href in your &lt;head&gt; section:
&lt;base href="&lt;?php echo $this-&gt;config-base_url; ?&gt;" />

Url in css files are always relative to the the css file itself.

Getting the paths correct - El Forum - 11-28-2008

Yes, it was the relative URLs. What I did in the Javascript, the link and the img() calls was to provide the filename preceded by base_url() and they all work now, and once the css file was working, the relative links inside it for the urls worked as well. Thanks :-)