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anchor problem - El Forum - 12-01-2008

($row->link==$this->uri->segment(2)) ? $attr = array('class' => 'active') : $attr = array();
    $link = array($parent, $row->link);
    $out.='<li>' .anchor($link, $row->text, $attr) . '</li>';

The idea is to detect active page and to add class="active".

The result is <a href="link">

anchor problem - El Forum - 12-01-2008

[eluser]Michael Wales[/eluser]
You are passing an array to the first parameter of anchor(), it should be a string.

I assume this is within some sort of loop that is building out a menu and $parent has been defined elsewhere in the loop (as the first segment of the URL to link to). Maybe something like this:

if ($row->link === $this->uri->segment(2)) ? $attr = array('class' => $active) : $attr = array();
  $link = $parent . $row->link;
  $out .= '<li>' . anchor($link, $row->text, $attr) . '</li>';

anchor problem - El Forum - 12-02-2008

Thanks, I think that it solve the problem. I will try it later