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Shared Models across domains - El Forum - 12-03-2008

I have searched the forums and read all of the relevant posts. I have also looked through the doc (although I could have missed something). So, if this has already been answered please redirect.

I want to share models across multiple sites. The scenario is as follows:

1. Hosted, so I have very little control over directory structure outside of each domain's home directory.

2. Three sites:, and

3. Each domain has an account (and directory) on the host machine: '/home/domainone', '/home/domaintwo' and '/home/domainthree'

4. All sites will use the same data, to some extent, but offer it up in different ways and to different user bases.

My concern is that 80-90% of the model code will be the same and I do not want to copy models across all three sites/applications for the usual reasons: maintenance, reliability, etc.

Can I share models across domains/applications easily?

If additional information is required, please let me know...

EDIT: I forgot to mention, all sites will reside on the same physical machine.

Shared Models across domains - El Forum - 12-03-2008

[eluser]Rey Philip Regis[/eluser]
I also wanna know how.