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Develop an Extension System - El Forum - 12-10-2008

Hi All,
I am thinking about implementing a extension system for an application I wrote. Similar to what is done in expression engine or other extendable applications. Ideally - extensions would add core functionality to the application such as new top level navigation area with views, graphics, forms, etc. and would likely modify the views in other parts of the system.

I know it can be done, I've just never attempted such a thing. So my question is - Has anyone done this with CI? If so would you be wiling to share how you did it?

Thanks in advance.

Develop an Extension System - El Forum - 12-10-2008

[eluser]Colin Williams[/eluser]
I know someone extended the Hooks library to have any number of hooks. That's one way. I use a system kind of like hooks, with more conventions, that simply responds to events (much like event listening). Haven't touched it in a long time though.

Develop an Extension System - El Forum - 12-11-2008

This looks pretty close to what I was looking for, It will definitely get me started.

I should did around that wiki more often Smile