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result() vs. result_array() ? - suhindra - 03-08-2015

Usually i like to get my result as object thats why i use result mostly.

But i want to know which is the better approach that i should follow, Which one of them is more efficient to use in regards to performance?

Here is the Example i am talking about:

$query = $this->db->get();
$result = $query->result();

or is this should be the better??

$query = $this->db->get();
$result = $query->result_array();

Thank you.

RE: result() vs. result_array() ? - Narf - 03-09-2015

It doesn't matter.

RE: result() vs. result_array() ? - gcdsm12 - 03-09-2015

Both are good however when you use result_array() it makes the query and places it in an array and when you use result() it puts the query in a stdClass object there are these two forms because you can not return a stdClass object in a method only in the array. Sorry my english poor!

RE: result() vs. result_array() ? - spjonez - 03-15-2015

Doesn't matter, it's up to developers preference on working with the data. I prefer array's as merging is easier but a lot of dev's prefer objects for their syntax.

RE: result() vs. result_array() ? - sajid19991 - 03-15-2015

as others have said, it doesn't matter, it depends on personal choice and personal taste of syntax...
however if you are merging your results then you should prefer result_array(), but like me if you are using ci's inbuilt template parser then you should prefer result()..

RE: result() vs. result_array() ? - RobertSF - 03-15-2015

Yes, it's mostly a matter of personal preference.

RE: result() vs. result_array() ? - suhindra - 03-15-2015

thanks guys if It doesn't matter. right now i will still using result() in my generic model.

RE: result() vs. result_array() ? - kilishan - 03-16-2015

For all practical reasons I agree with everyone else - it doesn't matter. There is a very slight performance edge using objects, since they don't require the extra memory allocation that an array uses, but objects are much less flexible. And optimizing this at the point of your development that any of use probably in? A waste of time. Smile

Me - I have a tendency to use objects when I can, simply because I prefer the syntax. The more I work with complex applications, though, the more I standardize on arrays since there are so many useful functions in PHP for arrays.

RE: result() vs. result_array() ? - attrox - 03-18-2015

What about when passed as parameters on a function call? What is the best practice for implementing the function?

function doSomething($data_array)


function doSomething($object)?

RE: result() vs. result_array() ? - RobertSF - 03-18-2015

I'd also say that's a matter of personal preference.