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CRUD generator - El Forum - 12-29-2008

[eluser]Andrew H L Leung[/eluser]
hey guys, i created a CRUD pages generator. I personally found it reallly makes life easier, and would wanna share with you guys.

[Feature for codeigniter]
For codeigniter it generate below items
- CRUD page controller, model and view
- validator for all field based on field type, null value
- index page filter and pager.
- foreign key selection box

- download program zip file.
- unzip to a folder.
- select your framework's generator, also change the the setting.
- run command "php {your framework name}_generator.php".
for example(codeigniter): php codeigniter_generator.php
- copy the program code files to your framework's folder.
for example(codeigniter):
copy {this program folder}codeigniter_code/models/ all files to {codeigniter}/system/application/models/
copy {this program folder}codeigniter_code/views/ all files to {codeigniter}/system/application/views/
copy {this program folder}codeigniter_code/controllers/ all files to {codeigniter}/system/application/controllers/
- change codeigniter config file autoload.php, config.php and database.php and/or route.php setting.
- you can use it now!

please download from here

CRUD generator - El Forum - 12-30-2008

[eluser]The Wizard[/eluser]
could you post some examples what the result will look like?

CRUD generator - El Forum - 12-30-2008

[eluser]Andrew H L Leung[/eluser]
thanks for your advice.
I already created a example, show how to "Step by Step" use codeilo with screen shot.

CRUD generator - El Forum - 12-30-2008

[eluser]The Wizard[/eluser]

doumo arigato Smile

CRUD generator - El Forum - 12-31-2008

[eluser]Andrew H L Leung[/eluser]
added two post
How To "display related table field value on View" first way
How To "display related table field value on View" second way

CRUD generator - El Forum - 01-18-2009

[eluser]Andrew H L Leung[/eluser]

- additional feature for foreign key field display.

CRUD generator - El Forum - 07-06-2009

[eluser]Andrew H L Leung[/eluser]
version 1 beta 4 (support both ajax and no ajax)

CRUD generator - El Forum - 07-07-2009

[eluser]Andrew H L Leung[/eluser]

- bug fixed


CRUD generator - El Forum - 08-05-2010

[eluser]Andrew H L Leung[/eluser]
Tuesday, July 27, 2010