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Upload module - El Forum - 01-04-2009

Hi to all

Am still new to CI but i love it,

Am trying to build a small module which will enable me to upload files,

When i say module i mean i need to code it in a way that it can be reused (Blog in Play)
of course with small modifications.


Can handle jpg|png|mpeg|mpg|avi

Dumb each file type to the proper folder (Img to img folder and vid to vid folder)

Now i did look at the some of the posts in the forum and most of them talk about the images
not videos or other files.

Any help would be appreciated.


Upload module - El Forum - 01-04-2009

[eluser]Colin Williams[/eluser]
Blog in Play! Make sure you stretch in between.

Upload module - El Forum - 01-04-2009

Sorry everybody it seems that i did not search the forum well.

I think its easier then what it looks.

I will start working on it,

i will post it when am done.