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Jquery UI sortables question - El Forum - 01-05-2009


This is really a Jquery question. Anyone knows if there's a way to do a thing like this:

With Jquery UI Sortables?

That demo is using Interface Elements, but it has no support for Jquery 1.1.2+ and there are some bugs in IE when using the latest jquery version (I cant drag a box more than once).

Thanks for the help

Jquery UI sortables question - El Forum - 01-05-2009

[eluser]Chris Williams[/eluser]
Jquery has a new release candidate (jQuery UI 1.6rc4) that may solve your problem.

In fact, they need some testers so your input would be very valuable to them on the IE matter.

Jquery UI sortables question - El Forum - 01-05-2009

Indeed. Here's a demo of the same using jQuery UI 1.6rc4

That's a link directly to trunk, since this is a new demo. The rest of the demos can be found here:

This also makes use of the jQuery UI CSS Framework. Meaning you can change the appearance by downloading/creating a theme at

Jquery UI sortables question - El Forum - 01-05-2009

Many thanks for the responses, they really helped a lot.

And welcome to CI Forums Richard! Smile

Jquery UI sortables question - El Forum - 01-15-2009


After searching, searching, searching (a lot of more searchs), I came here! This is good, I think!

Well, I've done is the follow:

Copy an older version of jquery. The latest one has this stranger issue (I can move once in any IE version).

If there is someone that needs this version, I can send or you can download at

And..... it's work!! In the last day of deadline.

I know that the correct isn't this, but I'm too lazy to remake my code.