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CodeIgniter 3 RC3 - jlp - 03-11-2015

The CodeIgniter 3.0 release candidate 3 is now available for download [Image: smile.gif]

Changes compared to the second RC:

  • Fixed a number of code issues
  • Made corrections to the user guide
  • Added some more unit testing

Here are some instructions for upgrading to CodeIgniter 3 from CodeIgniter 2.

Please take it for a spin and let us know of any issues that need to be addressed!

If there are no major changes, then the next update will be the official release Big Grin

RE: CodeIgniter 3 RC3 - silentium - 03-11-2015

Wonderful! Downloading...

EDIT: Noticed the download link, links to RC2... Here is RC3

RE: CodeIgniter 3 RC3 - Nichiren - 03-11-2015

I've been closely following the commits since RC2 and have been upgrading to the develop branch every other week in production. Production has been solid and the commits have been quality. If you're still in stock RC2, I highly recommend upgrading to RC3. I consider the bug fixes and other changes since then to be significant. I noticed that the suggested download on the CI homepage now links to RC3 which also speaks volumes. I'm very much looking forward to the official release.

RE: CodeIgniter 3 RC3 - quantro - 03-11-2015

great, cant wait for 3.0 final version...

RE: CodeIgniter 3 RC3 - ciadmin - 03-11-2015

(03-11-2015, 12:42 PM)silentium Wrote: Wonderful! Downloading...

EDIT: Noticed the download link, links to RC2... Here is RC3

Oops - fixed it Smile
Thank you for the heads up!

RE: CodeIgniter 3 RC3 - mbassy303 - 03-11-2015

Heart i like ci
Thank you

RE: CodeIgniter 3 RC3 - ronelb - 03-11-2015

So far, the transition from CI2.2.1 to CI3RC2 for my current project was smooth, with the upgrade instructions very straightforward.

And examining CI3, I see it has _backup() for mysqli working. That is really great!

Thank you for the updates. Very much appreciated Smile

RE: CodeIgniter 3 RC3 - tapan.thapa - 03-11-2015

Congratulations Team..

We are waiting final 3.0 to come up.

RE: CodeIgniter 3 RC3 - rejoan - 03-11-2015

Hi, Please provide a full list of changes. Specially for CI RC2 to RC3. Is there any changes in config directory or only system dir?

RE: CodeIgniter 3 RC3 - qichengzx - 03-11-2015

so glad to hear that!