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Open Blog 1.0.0 released - El Forum - 09-27-2009

[quote author="luffy" date="1254022832"]How can you use $this->blog->func() instead of $this->blog_model->func()

If I use $this->blog->func() in my project, it shows that
Unable to locate the model you have specified: blog[/quote]

This would better fit into "Code and Application Development" forum, but anyway.

You need to specify the alias - the last parameter of the module_model method (module_model is a custom method in Matchbox library which allows you to organize your application into modules).

So something like $this->load->module_model('module_name', 'model_name', 'alias'), or in your case $this->load->module_model('blog', 'blog_model', 'blog').

Open Blog 1.0.0 released - El Forum - 05-22-2010

[eluser]Black Buddha[/eluser]
There doesn't appear to be any recent activity on this thread, and I'm not sure if further development is still ongoing with OpenBlog. I just downloaded and installed 1.2.1 (released in April of 2009) and I like it a lot, however there are a number of things it doesn't have that I've decided to rectify and I wanted to contribute them back but I'm not sure if its still in development. I've also cross-posted to

I wanted to integrate with Google's webmaster tools, and so I needed a way to provide a sitemap.xml file to Google. I've attached a module (imaginatively called sitemap) that provides a single controller and an associated route mapping and will generate a sitemap.xml file from the database (specifically the contents of the pages, posts, categories and tags tables).

I've attached a zip file with the module: to use it simply extract the contents of the zip file into the application/modules folder.

Enjoy, and let me know if any problems are spotted.

EDIT: Added license info to the file and included some additional fields in the output (sitemap lastmod fields).

Open Blog 1.0.0 released - El Forum - 05-29-2010

[eluser]Black Buddha[/eluser]
As a further development task, I've been working on integration with ScribeFire ( as my blogging editor of choice. However, Open Blog doesn't appear to have any of the APIs necessary to allow posting by blogging tools, so I implemented both the original Blogger API and the slightly more recent metaWeblog API (with some small support for the MovableType mt_excerpt and mt_allow_comments fields). This has been tested and appears to be working: if anyone tries it out and installs it and spots any problems don't hesitate to let me know.

Note: by default this does NOT allow comments and does NOT mark posts as sticky: this can be customized by changing the values in the top of the xmlrpc controller class. When using the metaWeblog API the mt_allow_comments field overrides the default.

I've attached unzip this file into the application/modules folder and it should be ready to go. The XML-RPC url will be http://<blog website>/xmlrpc.php.

Enjoy, and let me know if any problems are spotted.

Open Blog 1.0.0 released - El Forum - 05-29-2010

I'm interested in checking this out. Is there a showcase for sites using this anywhere? Thanks for adding the api and sitemap.