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Open Blog 1.0.0 released - El Forum - 01-18-2009

Hi Kami_

I deleted the Session Cookie and no luck, I have tried to have a look around and find the problem and for some reason the function login() in the module user tries to load the template page

$this->template['page']    = "user/login";

if i comment this out the refresh stops but you don't get the page.

I then tried deleted the entire contents of the function and tried this -

function login()

and still the problem persists. I have no idea why.

Open Blog 1.0.0 released - El Forum - 01-18-2009

It's hard to diagnose a problem like this...

In the following days, I will set up test web server with PHP 4 and check it there.

It would be nice if you could check what is stored in "level" session variable (I'm almost sure this has something to do with the level variable not being set correctly).


Open Blog 1.0.0 released - El Forum - 01-18-2009

Hi Kami

The level session variable at the stage of logging is empty as I do not get the chance to login.

I have set up a php5 environment and will try on that.

Open Blog 1.0.0 released - El Forum - 01-21-2009

Oh, I thought the loop starts when you try to log in (when you enter the username and password and press the login button).

If you find something out, please keep me posted.

Currently I'm working on some other projects and a new version of Open Blog so I don't have the time to test it on (unsupported) PHP 4 configuration.


Open Blog 1.0.0 released - El Forum - 01-23-2009

Is there anyway to integrate this with dx_auth or another auth?

I am trying to create a CI social networking site with blog (openblog?), forum (vanilla), and auth (dx_auth) modules.

They would share the same main template to render header/footer and hoping to have on users table.

Open Blog 1.0.0 released - El Forum - 01-24-2009

Everything is possible, you just need enough time and knowledge to make the necessary changes Smile

I think it wouldn't be too hard, because the main changes would be done on the user module and my access library (other modules require only minor changes).

Open Blog 1.0.0 released - El Forum - 01-28-2009

Hello, i was looking for a blog to put in my site and since i enjoy CI so much i want to use open blog.
however I'm not so technical.. how can i add the blog if i already have a website running?
i downloaded the zip file but it has the whole system like is a new website that has to be created.

any help will be great, thank you.

Open Blog 1.0.0 released - El Forum - 01-29-2009


Installation is very simple.

Just follow the getting started page and you should have your blog open and running in just a few minutes.

Open Blog 1.0.0 released - El Forum - 01-29-2009

yes i done the installation in a test server, but how do i add it to a website that is already running with CI, like what classes should i put on the server etc.

Open Blog 1.0.0 released - El Forum - 01-29-2009

Oh, so you want to "integrate it" into your website, which is written in CodeIgniter ?

If so, you would require some programming skills to make the necessary adjustments to some modules and libraries, especially the user module and authentication library if your site uses separate user database / system.