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[FIX] SQLSRV affected_row() - ibraheem_ghazi - 03-13-2015

today i was working on project that is based on
SQLSRV database driver
there is a little bug i have faced in affected_row()
when it's excuted blank page return what ever you do
and here is the fix
open the file system\database\drivers\sqlsrv\sqlsrv_driver.php

go to line 275
or search for :
PHP Code:
function affected_rows() 
in the line 275 you will find
PHP Code:
return @sqlrv_rows_affected($this->conn_id); 

note sqlrv not sqlsrv Tongue
and it's accept statement not connection Tongue

so change it to
PHP Code:
return @sqlsrv_num_rows($this->result_id); 

that's all & it's worked for me