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$config['encrypt_name'] not working - El Forum - 02-01-2009

i tried the upload class with configuration:
$config['encrypt_name'] = TRUE;

i suppose the config item defined will make the uploaded filename to be encypted,
but it is not,,
did i get it wrong?

then how to rename the uploaded file?

$config['encrypt_name'] not working - El Forum - 02-06-2009


$config['encrypt_name'] not working - El Forum - 04-08-2009

Not sure if you are still having problems with this but I came across the same problem.
I thought it wasn't working but when I checked the Upload library I realized that if you set "overwrite" = TRUE "encrypt_name" won't work. That solved my problem.


$config['encrypt_name'] not working - El Forum - 06-24-2010


That works:
$config['overwrite']        = FALSE;
$config['encrypt_name']     = TRUE;