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Doctorola is a platform for booking doctor appointment via online. The site is developed with Codeignter. Any feedback on this site will be highly appreciated.

RE: - cartalot - 03-23-2015

Suggest that since this is a .com address that is relevant for the entire world -- clearly state what country you cover on the home page in your introduction. And on the doctor search form.

When you enter a city in the search form that is not recognized -- it immediately deletes what you have typed out of the field. That could be very confusing for people - suggest you put the cities in a drop down list since theres not that many of them. Or make it much more clear what is going on because the city field is acting like its own separate search operation.

When people do a search for a specific date and there are no results - don't put the other All Doctors result behind a tab that the user could easily miss. Show a message like - there are no results for that specific date, but here are 4 doctors that can help you on another date.

RE: - alkarim - 04-23-2015

Is there any Android app?