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file changes itself - El Forum - 03-18-2009


I use dreamweaver synchronize file between server and PC, if the file on server is older than that of my working computer, the server file will be updated.

The problem is, I have files on my pc that i never touch/edit, but they are prompted to be loaded to server every time I syn.

file changes itself - El Forum - 03-18-2009

I'm getting a similar problem with Aptana, although I'm suspecting it's something to do with NetDrive (which I am using to connect to my server).

Also, are you using Vista? Vista stores "versions" of files, and I'd imagine it could have something to do with that.

file changes itself - El Forum - 03-18-2009

I am using windows XP, I have two identical projects, the one with my own normal framework never do that. The one using CI does.

What I suspect is, CI automatically deletes files on server base on certain criteria. Because, I have files that keep requiring uploaded regularly, and some files prompt to be uploaded weekly.