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Problems with DX Auth and the captcha - El Forum - 04-01-2009

I have the last question about DX_Auth I promisse. I have lost so much time debugging it if it does not work I'll make a simple authorization by myself.

I need to solve one last issue... the DX_auth doesnt find the fonts folder to generate the (suck) captcha. I would like to know how take this off, I dont need the captcha.

About the path to captcha, I have give 777 permission, and I have put the getcwd() full path to the directory. I have opened the path in the browser with >> getcwd() . '/captcha/';

The full url is >> /nfs/c01/h04/mnt/45239/domains/

When I access it by browser, it returns me 403 error... I think is because of that I cant access this dir. I have used umask(0);, nothing change...

Anyone could help to turn captcha off without errors?

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Well, I have posted the captcha folder not in my app folder, but in the root.
Its not the ideal, but works...


Problems with DX Auth and the captcha - El Forum - 04-24-2009

Rubiz, did you ever get captcha removed? The DX documentation says it is optional but I havent figured out how to remove it.

Oh and also, what is the default admin password?