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How do you setup subversion? - El Forum - 04-23-2009

[eluser]Johan André[/eluser]

I recently discovered the brilliance of subversion. Well almost anyway!
My hopes is to use it like this:

I'd like to have a codebase (based on CI ofcourse) which includes some custom libraries, helpers and stuff. On this codebase I develop all my CI projects.

My codebase should have a external link to CI repository to be able to catch the latest upgrades, right? I've created a set of folders in my codebase (assets, cache and some other stuff). I also like to move the application directory out of the system-directory.

The projects I work on (based on the codebase) should have it's own versioning. Or should I create them as branches of the codebase? If I make upgrades to the codebase I like to be able to update the project to the latest one.

Anyone working like this? Or is it overly complicated?

How do you setup subversion? - El Forum - 04-23-2009

I have no idea how easy it is to set one up, but I know [url=""]Martin[/url] uses, which is a free service.

How do you setup subversion? - El Forum - 04-23-2009

I think what you're talking about would involve using SVN externals. Google it and there are some links to help get you up and running with something like that. I've never done it myself though, so I can't vouch for the process. Personally, I like doing the CI updates manually because it gives me more control over when I update (or if I update).