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count_all_results() and sqlite - El Forum - 05-22-2009

[eluser]Jan van Casteren[/eluser]
Does count_all_results() (from active records) not work with a sqlite database?

when I do something like this:

$this->db->where('schoolId', $schoolId);
$this->db->where('name', $name);

I get:

Error Number: 1

near "numrows": syntax error

numrows FROM kind WHERE schoolId = 'XXXX' AND naam = 'Tester'

I use the sqlite driver for sqlite3/pdo from codeigniters Wiki (info here:, download here: , but it seems to be very incomplete, I had other errors and warning when using transactions and other functions.

Has anybody plan to fix this kind of issues. Is it something that would take a lot of work? I could try to do it myself, I am not a newby to programming, but I am to PHP.

I would like to use active record, so I can use sqlite while still in development and still have the possibility to move to another database when the website/program is released.