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enhanced CI pagination - El Forum - 06-26-2009

[eluser]Andrew H L Leung[/eluser]
(For codeigniter v1.7.1)
Additional parameter for pager assign href value and onclick function.

{arg} value will be replace by {paging link tag}.
so that if paging link tag is 20.
ci class will output: href="http://sample/page/20"
this class will output: href="http://sample/page/20" onclick="doSomething('20'); return false;"

$pagination_config['base_function_name'] = jhistoryList(\'#list/format/html/begin/{arg}\')';
$pagination_config['replace_href_content'] = current_url().'#list/format/html/begin/{arg}';


enhanced CI pagination - El Forum - 06-26-2009

nobody uses onclick nowadays, and what kind of function is jhistoryList?