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Newbie Education - El Forum - 06-26-2009

Wondering if there might be some exhaustive help out there on MVC and more directly CI. Have a little PHP programming experience but having some difficulty understanding both these concepts.

Newbie Education - El Forum - 06-26-2009

I recommend you dive right into CI and follow some of the tutorials out there. Within a short period of time, it should "click" and you'll get it.

Here is MVC in a nutshell:
Create view files with nothing but HTML and display logic (php code to display loops and variables)
Create models to extract data from your database (most, if not all, of your business logic goes here)
Create a controller to handle your application logic which calls the models and loads the views.

CI is a great framework that will guide you through setting this up and making it work extremely efficiently.

Good luck.