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Form validation and Checkboxes - El Forum - 07-11-2007

Hello everyone,

I'm a new user in CI, but i definitely love it!!

I used CI (form validation) with 2 checkboxes and these use the same name, different values.
The rules i applied to the checkboxes was isset|callback_checkboxes, but when i submit the form i saw that validation doesn't create the variable $this->validation->checkboxname_error.
Therefore i look into the validation class and i write these lines at line number 231:
// Build the error message
$mfield = ( ! isset($this->_fields[$field])) ? $field : $this->_fields[$field];
$message = sprintf($line, $mfield);
// Set the error variable. Example: $this->username_error
$error = $field.'_error';
$this->$error = $this->_error_prefix.$message.$this->_error_suffix;
$this->_error_array[] = $message;

Instead of these lines:
$field = ( ! isset($this->_fields[$field])) ? $field : $this->_fields[$field];
$this->_error_array[] = sprintf($line, $field);

Now the $this->validation->checkboxname_error is available.

I hope i've done something usefull.

Cristiano aka Il Viaggiatore

Form validation and Checkboxes - El Forum - 10-12-2007

Thank you for much for this hack!! It's an absolute life saver!!

Thanks again! Wink

Form validation and Checkboxes - El Forum - 10-14-2007

im glad it has been useful ;-)

Form validation and Checkboxes - El Forum - 11-03-2007

Thank you so much! I was breaking my head over this one.