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SagePay (Protx) library - El Forum - 07-02-2009

I'm making a PayPal IPN and SagePay Direct (formerly Protx) library for CI.

If there's any interest I'll happily share the code...

SagePay (Protx) library - El Forum - 07-07-2009

lots of people will need it Smile

SagePay (Protx) library - El Forum - 07-08-2009

I Need it! Big Grin

Namely the SagePay library Smile

SagePay (Protx) library - El Forum - 07-10-2009

just what I need for a project im working on! any news on when it will be ready?

SagePay (Protx) library - El Forum - 11-23-2009

I have quickly put the code together in a ZIP file. I haven't tested this version (as I had to strip out code specific to my site), but it should be easy enough to get going by any half-decent CI programmer.

PM me if you want a copy.

SagePay (Protx) library - El Forum - 08-29-2010

thanks for share.
think this is direct integration.

i build a form integration. but your library helped me very much.
thanks mate.

SagePay (Protx) library - El Forum - 09-12-2010

I've had a few requests for this now, so I thought I'd give it out to the masses!

It’s not fully checked, however no one else has fed back, so I presume it’s pretty much OK!

You can download it from

All you’ll need to do is create a suitable table for the model included.

Let me know how you get on!

SagePay (Protx) library - El Forum - 09-15-2010

I have created a few different classes for Server based integration but they are riddled with code unrelated to Sage.

I might tear it all back and create a reusable class. I'll post here if you need it.

SagePay (Protx) library - El Forum - 09-23-2010

I would be interested to see any code you have for integrating sagepay with codeigniter.

SagePay (Protx) library - El Forum - 09-23-2010

I'll try and get something sorted for you asap, it appears my boss has decided that I should input 1000's of products into a ecommerce site I've created, despite giving the customer the ability to add them their selves.

hmmmm. bitter.. me no Wink